Northwest Archaeological Illustration

Why illustrate?

True to the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' artifact illustrations convey data that no number of words can express. While studio photography can capture exquisite detail of an artifact it often falls short highlighting archaeologically significant features and expressing true depth and scale. Photographs also tend to scale, print and photocopy poorly in comparison to black and white line drawings (as seen in the example below).

Articles, Reports and Text Books

Visually record and present your data using methods described by the latest archaeological illustration standards. Utilizing a variety of techniques Northwest Archaeological Illustration creates images ideal for high resolution black and white as well as color articles, consulting reports and text book publications. In addition to illustrating artifacts and small finds I produce quick and concise CAD site and survey maps, excavation plans and profiles.

With competitive rates and next day service Northwest Archaeological Illustration is one of the leading full-service illustration companies focused on the visualization of our past.

Digital and Museum Displays

Help your audience connect to the past with interpretive illustrations from NWAI. Whether it is simple artifact use tutorials or expansive site reconstructions I provide detailed, eye-catching and easily translated images perfect for websites and museum displays.

Ideal for adding to the descriptive element of artifact displays a successful reconstructive illustration communicates how, where and why an object might have been used. It can breathe new life into worn or damaged finds or paint the picture of past events. Mediums include pencil, pen, acrylic and watercolour paint as well as digital software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.